Watercolor Tattoos

Kiriakos grew up with street subculture values while skating in the squares of Athens, and extreme sports thrills as a motocross and motard rider from a very young age. A tattoo lover ever since his teenage years, at the age of 25 he found himself exploring the techniques of professional tattooing starting his carreer in a major tattoo studio.

Fine Line Tattoos

Mr French was born and raised in Athens. His love of art developed from an early age and he spent time painting, doing graffiti and architectural design.

Neotraditional Tattoos

Rapid was born in Athens in 1993 and his first contact with art began through the field of graffiti. He studied graphic design at AKTO and worked as a freelancer until he turned to tattooing. From 2018 he deals exclusively with tattoo, with a special love for neotraditional style

Realistic Black And Gray Tattoos

Nikolas was born in Athens in 1991 and he is specialized in realistic black & grey tattoos. From his very early ages he was always drawing on almost everything, making his teachers and professors furious!!! He also loved to create imaginary things from scratch and garbage.

Realistic Color Tattoos

Panagiotis was born in Palaio Faliro in 1995 an he started drawing from his early ages. As a teenager with an inquiring mind, trying to evolve his painting skills he starts to be more focused in drawing, graffiti and tattooing and as a result, a few years later he started his studies in graphic design.

Fine Line Blackwork Tattoos

China was born in Athens in 1986, and has been involved in graffiti since a young age. His love for graffiti transferred to the field of tattoo, where he started his career in 2016. His is specialized in custom lettering as well as in blackwork designs.

Color Tattoos

Nikos was born in 1998 in Patras. He started painting at a very young age and his love for the art of tattoo soon manifested itself. In 2017 he completed his studies at the Department of Applied Arts.