About Kiriakos

Kiriakos grew up with street subculture values while skating in the squares of Athens, and extreme sports thrills as a motocross and motard rider from a very young age. A tattoo lover ever since his teenage years, at the age of 25 he found himself exploring the techniques of professional tattooing starting his career in a major tattoo studio. In 2014 he took the next step creating DarkSide Tattoo Society.

His tattoos stand out because of the unique concepts and his outstanding graphic style, which he has been developing since his studying years in London College of Printing. His pieces often combine heavy themes/ lines/ shapes and “naive” color details. In 2012 he developed a signature style combining graphic lines and watercolors.

His work, name and activities draw the attention of well respected companies (such as Redbull,Vans etc) for creative collaborations and sponsorships that are frequently covered by special- or even mass- media.

He is also the artists’ manager and organizer of Athens International Tattoo Convention, Athens Tattoo Expo and Balkan Thessaloniki Tattoo Convention.

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